I made carrot cake!


Yeah, I'm officially one of the many who suddenly had the chance to bake while staying in quarantine the past month. And this is my very first time to bake anything, so this definitely warrants a post! I cannot say, though, that I've always wanted to try baking. Because, truth is, I have not. I was just reaaally craving for carrot cake!

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Showing Up


I was planning on posting something light and fun next (i.e. my first baking experience), but my mind keeps bringing me back to my previous post. I wrote about finding my life’s purpose and reflecting on my big “Why” during this time of quarantine. While I still believe that feelings of being lost in search of one’s purpose are absolutely valid, I recognize that I was writing from undeniable privilege. Not everyone can afford to “seek their purpose in life”, especially right now that the entire world is experiencing the worst from this pandemic. As i write this at this very moment, People. Are. Dying. And as if Covid-19 were not worrisome enough, people all around are dying from hunger. And in other parts of the world, people are being murdered by abusive authorities and killed in violent protests. And today as we continuously suffer from this country’s government’s utter incompetence, people in power decided to give themselves even more power to silence those who may wish to speak up and call their shortcomings (totally an understatement) out. It's becoming really dark and scary out. And I'm having all sorts of feelings of fear, anger, disgust, disbelief, confusion, frustration, sadness and general dumbfounded-ness. But the strongest feelings I'm having right now are of guilt and helplessness.


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Life lately


Well, I didn't exactly imagine that it would take me more than two months of enhanced community quarantine to fiiinally make it here, but here we are!


Back in late 2019, I was super determined to make the next year my best yet. I really thought I was good and ready-- I had my freshly outlined BuJo (which I had just started using) and four different kinds of pens on hand (not counting the ones I actually have in my pen case, of course!). At the beginning of the year I was excited and diligent about keeping track of my 2020 work and personal schedules. I happily ticked off items on my weekly goals list. Of course, it never occurred to me then that something major was about to hit. And just when I was starting to gain momentum, Covid-19 happened. Boy, was I wrong about 2020.

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